Sommario Europeo - 18-11-2022
Cold north
Wet centrally

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 18th November 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Heavy rain down the Balkans

Staying unsettled across Spain and Portugal with outbreaks of rain tracking eastwards. A windy day too. The heavy rain moving across the Balearics and on towards Sardinia later in the day. Showery rain clearing much of Italy with brighter conditions developing. Heavy showers across western Greece and southern Turkey but largely dry elsewhere here.
Rather cloudy and mixed across France with some heavy rain in the far south and persistent showers in the west. Showers or longer spells of rain also to affect the Low Countries and much of Germany into Austria and Czechia. Largely dry across Poland.
Largely dry across Scandinavia though it is expected to be windy through western Norway with some showers brushing the far south here. Mist and fog common further north across Sweden and Finland. A few showers possibly getting across the Baltic Sea later. Denmark sees variable cloud and the odd shower though mostly dry.

Less wet through Spain today though showery rain still across western regions of Portugal and northern coasts of Spain. Heavy rain expected to push in across northwestern areas of Spain later in the day. Outbreaks of heavy rain affecting much of the central Mediterranean where it will feel cooler, though much of Greece and Turkey should remain dry.
Heavy showers as well as longer spells of rain across eastern areas of France, otherwise mostly dry. Some showers on to coastal areas of the Low Countries but largely dry here too. Rain easing back across Germany. Heavy showers through Austria with heavy rain down the Balkan States. Largely dry though chilly across Poland.
Largely dry again across Norway and most of Sweden, though southern regions here will see blustery winds and outbreaks of rain, these affecting the Baltic States and Denmark at times too. Mostly dry across Finland. Cold throughout Scandinavia.

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